Tunnel Vision/Kyah Baby

Red hot chili peppers, lol is what I said to myself, as I peep’d newly red hair artist Kyah Baby rockin fatigues (@weallinclothingllc ) in her most recent masterpiece entitled “Tunnel Vision” shot on Jamaica Avenue in the infamous Queens, NY

We All In Clothing is the stylist of her jacket she’s rockin, s/o to creator @bum_ass_chris on instagram.

She hasn’t dropped da ball, instead she goes to the court dribbles then scores every time, why does the industry sleep on her?

@kyahbaby has been in da rap game forever, well since da early 2000s I’ve been hearing about her. She has impeccable talent and raw genuineness you won’t find in most female artist of today’s standards. Kyah Baby isn’t in a box, she is the breaking box which has been breaking down barriers from da hood to da radio to sold out concerts, yup ask bout her, betta yet just Google her… s/o to DJ Self I did say ask about her tho!

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