The Crate NY & Lost Boyz Collaboration…

This past Saturday, the illest set ever happened in Far Rock at the infamous “The Crate” store featuring the most exciting people to date…

Son @freakykah of fallen celebrity rapper Freaky Tah, presented a new clothing line in collaboration with @thecrateny in honor of the Queens native rap group “Lost Boyz“. Popular artist Mr. Cheeks performed his hottest hits like “Renee” and “Lights, Camera, Action” … the crowd was lit and in sync with Mr. Cheeks as he danced along side @freakykah to the songs while performing. It was a stellar moment very nostalgic indeed, because you see the spirit of Freaky Tah lives thru his son @freakykah, not only does Kah look like his father; his mannerism resemble that of his father too! It’s as if Freaky Tah comes down from the heavens whenever his son touches the stage. Kah continues to carry the torch not only for his family but also for history, and the culture of hiphop… This is only the beginning stay tune….

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