Nobody Perfect Bih!

I’ve been heartbroken, shitted on,lied on, pushed,beat,stomped on and I could go on and on… But WHO else has gone through what I have?

Millionsssss of people daily are in situations that they themselves didn’t ask for nor did they want and they wake up everyday having to fight a system of unfortunate events just to clear their name and live the lifestyle they desire… Don’t Give Up My Kings and Qweens, Just don’t Give Up! FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @IAMWORD_ and @IAMWORD8

We all in Clothing , still shinin

It feels so good to be us rips from the speakers,in my cardi b voice ,today as I galloped, bopped, and danced with Owner, designer , creator @bumasschris (Chris) in flagship store We All in Clothing today in Jamaica’s Colosseum mall rite in the heart of modernized Queens, Jamaica Avenue. I’ve been fashioned by the brand’s leading director a coupled of times in the past .

He hails from the island of Jamaica and now rock’s one of Queens hottest leading styles

We All in Clothing brand.

One of today’s shining stars who reps the brand is rap artist Kyah Baby, straight outta 40 projects South Side Jamaica Queens, I got to have 1st hand dibs for new Valentine sale item’s and new stock .

Yes thats a new hoodie reppin the rotten Apple haha ya dig. .. Follow me on Snapchat and instagram @iamword8 for details.