Nobody Perfect Bih!

I’ve been heartbroken, shitted on,lied on, pushed,beat,stomped on and I could go on and on… But WHO else has gone through what I have?

Millionsssss of people daily are in situations that they themselves didn’t ask for nor did they want and they wake up everyday having to fight a system of unfortunate events just to clear their name and live the lifestyle they desire… Don’t Give Up My Kings and Qweens, Just don’t Give Up! FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @IAMWORD_ and @IAMWORD8

Bringin da Real… @itzRoyal

I miss that hiphop where bars mattered, and the meaning behind the bars hit the soul like dominoes…

A Young G name @itzroyal is the epitome of classic 90s era hiphop with a purpose… He gets on the Mic and starts his lyrical assassination ,droppin points of knowledge and flowing like it’s a never ending story of trial and error…but hey that’s what life is… “Trial and Error”… go peep him now on instagram and soundcloud….

Miss wit dat Bullsh*t: Jay-Z avoids Judge….

CNN: it’s been reported that Jay-Z ain’t with the idea of being called into court over a company that took ownership of his clothing brand,Rocawear.

The current owner of his former brand that we believe Jay-z still gets profit off of, is named “Iconix” they are currently under investigation over their finances… stay tune or GoogleCNN” for more details haha….

Childish Gambino returns…

I quit rap ” is what he stated awhile back, this video determined that was a lie, haha and we definitely ain’t mad either…

Childish Gambino is slated to star in an upcoming adaptation of the Stars Wars trilogy this year, as a result he’s coming back strong in his music and in the new season of his award nominated show on FX networks “Atlanta” … stay tune he’s in the kitchen cookin up a lot this time around and it’s far from “childish”

Cardi B. forever Bless!

She will go down in history as one of the greatest entertainers of our lifetime, hailing from The Bronx, NY; the impeccable Cardi B.

The popular album setting record chart topping news is , Invasion of Privacy by Cardi B which dropped this month and has had monumental success! Cardi B. went from being kicked out, being a stripper, to now one of social media’s best Cinderella love stories. She is currently engaged to hot sensation OffSet of the popular Quality Control music group “Migos” with his family member’s Quavo and Takeoff. She had the world on tilt, when she surprised viewers of Saturday Night Live with her pregnancy performing her song “Be Careful“.

In this clip here, Cardi graces Coachella with one of the deepest speeches regarding her life, before she performs.