@tango_slime “Sticky Drip” is… Drippinn!

A hot beat produced by the gifted hands of the one and only @big_bushgi_ , Queens artist @tango_slime makes you rock to his dancy tune of “Sticky, sticky, drip”… I’ve literally watched this young G grow from a youngin in @teardropz718 studio “Dat0wn” to now, he not only has his own studio but is also on the radio, s/o to Power 105.1 fm and also popular dj’s like @djmartian (The Pull Up Show) who play his music live on instagram… Peep @tango_slime music, available now on all music streams…

Good Morning Queens!

Every morning I Grace the timelines of instagram/iamword_ with gems of motivation and talk my shit…

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Family Over Everything… Can you relate?

Popular artist, Fabolous stated “Your worst enemies are the ones who know your weak spot”

In these last couple of months, that’s exactly my take on life thus far… You must be careful nowadays because those closest to you will betray you unbeknownst to you,and whole time you will believe they have your back. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldier’s

So, from experience I will say don’t fret, don’t give up and pray for the better outcome cause it’s just a test… stay tune…

The lyrical assassin: Stacks 821

Every syallable, every metaphor, everything he says I feel that shit!

The video above is entitled “Walk

Stacks has been the underrated King in this music shit for so long and it’s like every time he drops a new song, I’m like ok he’s gonna go all the way! So only time will tell if he will let his musical kingdom take dominance for this final time… peep him on da gram @stacks821

Nobody Perfect Bih!

I’ve been heartbroken, shitted on,lied on, pushed,beat,stomped on and I could go on and on… But WHO else has gone through what I have?

Millionsssss of people daily are in situations that they themselves didn’t ask for nor did they want and they wake up everyday having to fight a system of unfortunate events just to clear their name and live the lifestyle they desire… Don’t Give Up My Kings and Qweens, Just don’t Give Up! FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @IAMWORD_ and @IAMWORD8