Red Ranger! Red Ranger! @lifeis_bliss

Walking down Linden I walked right into a video shoot haha…

The crowd of young men, and a young lady was lit! Music booming from the car speakers and the camera man twistin his waist as he films the group. Next thing I know they pulling me into the video which you can barely see me in the video I’m so short haha… Introducing artist @Lifeis_bliss

He is vibrant, audacious, and really loving… He grabs me up as I pull out my camera phone and we began to chop it up… If You check out his instagram, he is not only an artist but a leader, family man and motivational speaker… there are so many levels to his genius I’m astonished… go peep his video on YouTube and his music on all music streams.

Stronger, Wiser @ready10k

I interviewed the handsome lad just last year on former website, the artist @ready10k was hungry, active and eager to tell his story. He had gone thru some thangs and was excited about being in the studio.

Well the looks of things, @ready10k kept his word and had been aggressively pushing his music and brand. I caught up with @ready10k at his performance for the Ryan Show at Tavern Lounge in Woodhaven, Queens. He had the crowd lit and reciting his lyrics back to him as him and @gudda134 performed popular their single together.

@ready10k song appearing in the video above is entitled “Major Comeback” speaks volumes to my current life situations,even to the point where I’ve shed tears. You see @ready10k drops jewels of life’s harsh reality when he says “All I ever wanted was to chase my dreams, but behind close doors it ever what it seems”

Oh, how true those words rang out to me, I said dayuum this guy is on to something. Peep him on soundcloud, spoyify, and YouTube.

Bronx Flavor, New Sauce is: @izzymiyagi_fromyettiside

The beat is dope, I’m vibin immediately as I press play, then I listen for the musical content…

This new sauce from the Bronx goes by “Izzy Miyagi” spittin bars with finesse. Chics will be swoonin over him with this particular verse “Rumor has it, I hit bishes w/da greatest dick, but I be Casper the ghost on the day she flip”@izzymiyagi_fromyettiside

The content is filmed by

🎥: @shotbyloe

@tango_slime “Sticky Drip” is… Drippinn!

A hot beat produced by the gifted hands of the one and only @big_bushgi_ , Queens artist @tango_slime makes you rock to his dancy tune of “Sticky, sticky, drip”… I’ve literally watched this young G grow from a youngin in @teardropz718 studio “Dat0wn” to now, he not only has his own studio but is also on the radio, s/o to Power 105.1 fm and also popular dj’s like @djmartian (The Pull Up Show) who play his music live on instagram… Peep @tango_slime music, available now on all music streams…

The lyrical assassin: Stacks 821

Every syallable, every metaphor, everything he says I feel that shit!

The video above is entitled “Walk

Stacks has been the underrated King in this music shit for so long and it’s like every time he drops a new song, I’m like ok he’s gonna go all the way! So only time will tell if he will let his musical kingdom take dominance for this final time… peep him on da gram @stacks821

Bringin da Real… @itzRoyal

I miss that hiphop where bars mattered, and the meaning behind the bars hit the soul like dominoes…

A Young G name @itzroyal is the epitome of classic 90s era hiphop with a purpose… He gets on the Mic and starts his lyrical assassination ,droppin points of knowledge and flowing like it’s a never ending story of trial and error…but hey that’s what life is… “Trial and Error”… go peep him now on instagram and soundcloud….