Stronger, Wiser @ready10k

I interviewed the handsome lad just last year on former website, the artist @ready10k was hungry, active and eager to tell his story. He had gone thru some thangs and was excited about being in the studio.

Well the looks of things, @ready10k kept his word and had been aggressively pushing his music and brand. I caught up with @ready10k at his performance for the Ryan Show at Tavern Lounge in Woodhaven, Queens. He had the crowd lit and reciting his lyrics back to him as him and @gudda134 performed popular their single together.

@ready10k song appearing in the video above is entitled “Major Comeback” speaks volumes to my current life situations,even to the point where I’ve shed tears. You see @ready10k drops jewels of life’s harsh reality when he says “All I ever wanted was to chase my dreams, but behind close doors it ever what it seems”

Oh, how true those words rang out to me, I said dayuum this guy is on to something. Peep him on soundcloud, spoyify, and YouTube.

@SOBXRBEOFFICIAL Shops @weallinclothingllc

A couple of fellas come thru the mall near @weallinclothingllc and I’m like hey guys are y’all rappers? They reply ” yea, Strictly Only Brothers #sob straight outta Cali aka California currently on tour with BillBoard Music Awards artist @postmalone and @21savage

As they begin to peek into the glass box that outlines the store of We All In Clothing, chatting with them, I learned they have a song on the popular Black Panther album and have a song with grammy award winning artist Kendrick Lamar and of course they were feelin the to apparel located @weallinclothingllc store… Peep them now on instagram/sobxrbeofficial

Nobody Perfect Bih!

I’ve been heartbroken, shitted on,lied on, pushed,beat,stomped on and I could go on and on… But WHO else has gone through what I have?

Millionsssss of people daily are in situations that they themselves didn’t ask for nor did they want and they wake up everyday having to fight a system of unfortunate events just to clear their name and live the lifestyle they desire… Don’t Give Up My Kings and Qweens, Just don’t Give Up! FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @IAMWORD_ and @IAMWORD8