Jayo N**a !!!! #Blessings

If You only knew this guys history… you would understand his ambition… Presenting @itsjayonigga

He reps outta Flushing, Queens and has a hardcore edge about his music yet real focused and relaxed in person… Jayo is about his business and music is his first love… Peep more on his instagram and soundcloud.

Sincerely Kyah, drops soon…

She’s been outside and back… Reppin Southside Queens, is this amazing beauty @kyah_baby

She’s dropped bars betta than some of these male artist, has been featured in Philly, ATL and the infamous Funk Master Flex show on New York’s Hot 97 radio… Recently I saw her sacrifices all come to a head at Platinum Sound Recording Studio in Manhattan… the crowd was packed in the recreational area of the studio and in the sound room, her music off the upcoming Mixtape entitled “Sincerely Kyah” debuts this month and every song is a banga in my opinion. Peep her hashtag #sincerelykyah and see for yourself…

@tango_slime “Sticky Drip” is… Drippinn!

A hot beat produced by the gifted hands of the one and only @big_bushgi_ , Queens artist @tango_slime makes you rock to his dancy tune of “Sticky, sticky, drip”… I’ve literally watched this young G grow from a youngin in @teardropz718 studio “Dat0wn” to now, he not only has his own studio but is also on the radio, s/o to Power 105.1 fm and also popular dj’s like @djmartian (The Pull Up Show) who play his music live on instagram… Peep @tango_slime music, available now on all music streams…

Nobody Perfect Bih!

I’ve been heartbroken, shitted on,lied on, pushed,beat,stomped on and I could go on and on… But WHO else has gone through what I have?

Millionsssss of people daily are in situations that they themselves didn’t ask for nor did they want and they wake up everyday having to fight a system of unfortunate events just to clear their name and live the lifestyle they desire… Don’t Give Up My Kings and Qweens, Just don’t Give Up! FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @IAMWORD_ and @IAMWORD8

Childish Gambino returns…

I quit rap ” is what he stated awhile back, this video determined that was a lie, haha and we definitely ain’t mad either…

Childish Gambino is slated to star in an upcoming adaptation of the Stars Wars trilogy this year, as a result he’s coming back strong in his music and in the new season of his award nominated show on FX networks “Atlanta” … stay tune he’s in the kitchen cookin up a lot this time around and it’s far from “childish”

On My Own: “Piif Jones”

He graced the stage at the Drift back in May of 2017 and now he’s on tour currently with Harlem’s own Dave East!

On My Own debuted in instagram/@piifjones a couple of days ago and it speaks volumes to his career as an artist and his movement “Loopylife” . You can have a gift and be extremely gifted yet folks won’t understand the capacity of your greatness, so U begin to feel like I’m in this by myself, this win will have to come with my hard work and dedication. Piif Jones has a portfolio of great music, you can catch him on instagram, Apple music, soundcloud, spotify, and datpiff.