Kyah Baby on Sway in the Morning

I can only imagine her reaction when she got that call!

Popular female emcee Kyah Baby debuts her new music and gets candid with radio host Sway for Sway in the Morning.

She’s been working a lot lately, her most recent new drop is entitled “Tunnel Vision” . In the video , you can see Kyah Baby rockin We All In Clothing and also the new hair style in flaming red. Tunnel Vision is a painted picture of the details of her life as an artist, female, and entity in society. Peep more of Kyah Baby on

2 Legit 2 Quit : Troy Ave

Hes been shot at, lied on and survived. Truth be told we wasn’t there, we only know what has been told and shown via news networks. Troy Ave delves in and tells us his story with graphic detail. In person he doesn’t look like what he been thru, praise God…

Tradegy strikes every living being unexpectedly yet it don’t last always. His tune is infectious and comical at the same time. Troy Ave gives us himself as candid as possible with out trying to be hurt by the events of his life. He’s very blessed to be alive at this stage in his life.