#Crazy @baisleyla_rgm

They call him the bossman, I call him “La” , “Drop” or betta yet “King”… He is infamously known for his gangsta persona but chill he is the kindest being you’ll ever know just stay on his good side…haha

Everyday we all struggle with the idea of folks turning on us and playing us, so it comes to the point should we resist that temptation to strike out or chill and let the cards fall where they may… BaisleyLa aka Dropstar gets personal in this new single entitled “Crazy” cause on some real shit, it be the ones close to you that have it out for blood for you… and that feeling will drive you CRAZY cause that shit hurts… Listen, watch and follow @baisleyla_rgm on Instagram you may learn something… stay tune he just gettin started.

Crazy Baisley Baby: @baisleyla_rgm

He’s da king on all accounts, take it how u wanna, he ain’t slowin up for noone, not even for himself… that’s what happens when u destined for greatness…

His name is “B-La or Big Homie Drop” and he is Baisley Projects very own knight in shining armor, literally! S/O to Southside Queens, NY …

He rocks with everyone and noone, think about it… B-La’s entertainment company “RGM” which stands for Reality Gangsta Music, has so much truth to it, u wouldn’t believe cause he’s such a gentleman, ladies pipe down, haha… peep him and more of his music on soundcloud.com/baisleyla163 and also on instagram/@Baisleyla_rgm